Mes Objectifs Pour Cette Année

1. Be punctual; to try my hardest to never to be late again in my classes, appointments, and meetings.

2. Be consistent with my quiet time with God; not to go out of the house without reading His word.

3. Read, read, and read books and newspapers to improve my vocabulary, writing skills, and knowledge about the goings-on around me.

4. To bulk up; develop my triceps and biceps, to shape up.

5. Sleep as early as possible; not to stay up late if the reason is not about STUDIES.

6. Live healthier; eat the right foods, drink plenty of water and milk, lessen sweet intake, refrain from overthinking and unnecessary emotions, build relationships,

7. Devote an hour/hours in a day to practice my writing by keeping up  a blog open to all kinds of readers.

8. Learn how to play drums.

9. Develop my own writing style.

10. Be independent; learn to go home alone, walk any place alone, kill time at school alone, and be dependent to God and to myself alone.

Pensée Du Jour

I am sensing the urgency to have the things that others have. Is this unhealthy?

Je Suis Malheureux

Thesis. Investigative Journalism. Church ministry. Problematic friends. Problematic self. Melodramatic friends. Melodramatic self. Unwanted emotions. Pollution. Obligations. Too little time. So limited self. Judgmental eyes. Cynic dudes. Articles and essays. Books. Nonsensical TV programs. Healthy diet. Traffic. Clogged elevators. My opinion VS. that of others. Boring teachers. Noisy classmates. Too-slim body. Norms. Homeworks. Grades. Parents. Siblings. Clothes. Sinful foods. 

Come on and pour me some more.

Woke up in the middle of the night just to finish a lab report on Crop Science. Shoved down my lazy self wrapped up with colds and throbbing head and splatted a hovering roach upon stepping out of my room that gave me a minor heart attack. Realized that another one from the terrace had gone to vex me out so I allowed myself the chase but figured out to release a stealthy smash to the pest because family is sleeping. So that it escaped my violence.

I finished the whole roach thing and proceeded to my desktop and start the report only to find myself staring at the laboratory manual puzzled on how to do it. Buzzed a classmate to ask if she’s done with the report and got a “Nah” for an answer. Got convinced of how she projected her procrastination (was it?) and resolved not to do the whole thing anyway. Figured out that I spent a moment of convincing myself that  I’m doing the right thing, telling myself that I don’t understand the topic and the procedure so it’s just as fitting to dump it.

So the whole point of the matter is that I bolted upright at the most unlikely of hour just for nothing. (Sorry roach for having to splat you dearly)

When The Wicked Preys On The Weakling

Two of my classmates and I were going downtown last Saturday after having lunch at SM City mall. We hopped in this orange-painted (if I’m remembering it well) jeep after being quite convinced by its Kundoktor that they’re going downtown. We were seated at the left side of the vehicle, me being at the center with my girl classmate on my left while my boy classmate to my right. Seated right in front of us were four high school girls.

We were dead tired because hours before we had our lunch, we sort of “plowed” our plots in our Crop Science class and the sun had drained our energies from us. So that I got drowsy and took a bit of a nap on my arms in the jeep while gripping on the vehicle’s steel bar. So were my friends who were also listening to their playlists.

But shortly after, everyone was disturbed when one of the high school girls in front of us was threatened.